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About - Lara Einzig

Australian-born Lara was raised in the sunshine near the beach - and so began a love of endless summer...

A high-profile fashion career spanning Sydney, London and LA followed, but the love of creative self-expression, of travel, of beach and surf culture and for the sisterhood remained.  Lara spent 13 years in London in the fashion industry - with Topshop as UK & USA Marketing Manager, and as Fashion Director of Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP.  Here she embraced fashion for all seasons, and for all people. This broader view of fashion, of trends, and of style is the education, but the instinct remains - to embellish our lives with confidence and ease through inspired style choices.

Now based in LA full time as an influencer and stylist, Lara works with private clients and consults with fashion brands.  Whether you engage Lara for personal styling, as an influencer, or for brand consulting or creative direction, there’s a reassurance of professionalism, honed by experienced business acumen and a deep understanding of the fashion industry.